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Conference details for 2016  are in the planning stage at this time.

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Midwest Security Conference


A Letter from our Chairperson:

Dear Security Professionals,

In these changing times, everyone needs to review what they are accomplishing, what they can do better and what should change to improve what we provide. The MSC is no different. The organizers of the annual Midwest Security Conference have decided to take an extensive review of our program, including an analysis of the method for delivering our program in an effort to better meet the needs of the security professionals industry.

This is no easy task. We realize it will take some time to conduct this evaluation and develop a new and highly relevant program. To that end, we are not going to force a redesigned program into the time we have to plan the event. The Midwest Security Conference organizers have decided to skip the conference in 2015.


You will see details about what is planned for 2016 soon.